UK Lotto – Background And Features Of This Lottery Game

Although lottery games have been established for hundreds of years, it is only in recent years that government authorities have started to understand their money raising power. Despite all the negative people out there, major lotto competitions appear to do a lot more good than bad and raise funds for a range of good causes that could otherwise have gone unnoticed.

The UK national lottery wasn’t started until the later part of 1993, following an act of Parliament. Camelot, an independent firm, was selected at the very start to run the UK lottery and still remains carrying out this work at present.

Huge single lottery jackpot wins usually create the most interest in the media even so it ought to be recognised that ever since the UK lottery was unveiled, more than £22 million has been raised by this lotto game for deserving causes. 40% of each lottery ticket sale is distributed for the overall good, when you consider that 12% represents lotto taxes or duties and 28% of the total funds are allocated to worthy causes. Camelot has said that the UK national lotto gives the greatest portion of revenue to worthwhile causes than any other state lottery on the planet.

Some of the best parts of the UK lotto include the creation of 18 millionaires in one night during the millennium celebrations in 2000, the creation of the 1,000th millionaire, also in 2000, the creation of the Euro millions in 2004 in co-operation with France and Spain, the crowning of Angela Kelly as the largest ever winner in 2007 as well as the statement in late 2008 that more than £22 billion had been raised for good causes at that time.

It is wonderful to think that more than 2,000 millionaires and multimillionaires have been created in the 15 years since the UK lottery was introduced, and charities have not only benefited from the allocation of lotto revenues but a large number of winners also contribute substantial amounts to their favorite causes too.

To stand the very best chance of winning the jackpot, smart players elect to become a member of a lottery syndicate, because they are well aware that 25 percent of UK lotto winners are members of a syndicate. It is rather straightforward to register online to join a lotto syndicate and not have to worry about the management and organization and all the related problems, but to simply concentrate on winning and making the most of your money!

The UK lottery can be considered a bedrock of British society. Involvement, in particular on the weekends can be regarded as a continuous venture and plenty of individuals regulate their weekend activities to make sure that they purchase their tickets and get together with family and friends to view the draw, heart in mouth. The United Kingdom is a nation facinated by gambling and it’s therefore of little amazement that the UK lotto has developed into one of the planet’s most profitable lotto games.

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